Sorry we have to close the restaurant for customers wishing to dine in.

As soon as we are aware of the easing of government restrictions we will display our opening hours on our website, facebook, mail shot, or call the restaurant for details and we will be happy to take your booking.

When we are permitted to re open the safety of our customers and staff will continue to be paramount.
By now we hope everyone is aware of best practices to stay safe whilst out and about. We encourage our guests to familiarise themselves with current government guidelines i.e. ~ party sizes, mixed households, contact info. etc. Whilst some guidelines may be confusing both guests and operators simply must comply.

We may be closed but we are open for our new take away service. The menu will have some of the Mitchells favourites and you can be as creative as you wish plating up. Just send us your interpretation and see if our chefs steal your ideas!

We have received many compliments about creating a safe environment to dine in and it just got a whole lot better with the addition of our marquee erected in the car park. Designed by our original architect Mr Jim Dey he was given a request to change the marquees summer design to an autumnal concept. Hope you agree he has surpassed our expectations. Given our Scottish climate, fully insulated and central heating, were certainly worthwhile additions.

Stay safe & hope to see you soon
Angus & Veronica